IF? Records pres. 'Soundwerks' feat. Little Nobody

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IF? Records will host its first label party in Sydney in 12 years. Little Nobody will headline the event doing one Australian show only, Saturday 26th May 2012, at the city’s finest techno venue: One22.

Little Nobody, aka Andrez Bergen, is one of Australia’s most noted underground electronic artists. Producing music for over 15 years, under a number of guises. In the last couple of years he has worked with internationally acclaimed artists Aux 88, James Ruskin and Blake Baxter. A new Little Nobody remix of Australia’s own electronic music pioneers, Severed Heads is due out soon via a tribute album to be released on Sydney’s Clan Analogue label.

Koda is making his Sydney debut. He is a live techno act from Melbourne who has played his sound at all the best underground parties in Melbourne and released his ‘werks’ on IF? Records as well as Sydney’s Gynoid Audio.

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Running times

  • Starts: 10:00 am
  • and goes for 8 hours


  • Over 18's only

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